Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I am 85% sure that Cooper said "bye" this morning. We were in the elevator on the way to his class and one of the therapists from the program downstairs was also in there. Everyone at KKI knows everyone else so she was talking to Cooper (she even knew his name) and for some reason he found this very exciting. He started making his happy sounds at her while we were still in the elevator, then we got off and she said "Bye Cooper" and he looked right at her and said under his breath something that sounded very much like "bye"! She heard it too but she didn't realize what a big deal it was :) His teacher told me that in general over the last week he has been much more verbal, not really words but lots more sounds.

Since it was rainy today they did an extra art project at school. They were painting and apparently Cooper was really into it. While the other kids were just slapping paint on the paper he was paying close attention to every stroke. Apparently he was doing so great and having such a good time that the teacher let him paint for an extra ten minutes when all the other kids were done and already running around. My little artist!! Also since it was rainy we didn't go to the playground between schools today. Instead we went to Baskin Robins which now thankfully has soft serve ice cream (Cooper isn't so sure about the hard stuff). He was a little angel the whole time. When he saw that ice cream cone he started jumping up and down and making sounds. We sat at a table and he ate the whole cone all by himself and was so happy and well behaved. It was great!

Quinn had a rough day at school. His stomach was apparently upset and I think it was due to constipation. Sometimes the medicine doesn't work as well for some reason and he gets a little backed up. He had a nice full diaper today before we left for horseback riding so he should be all good. He got a special treat today because Grandpa Don got him off the bus. Grandpa Don spoils Quinn so much, first he carried him into the house (that's a no-no because it is very important that Quinn not expect Grandma Berta to carry him into the house), then he fed him two hot dogs and a banana for lunch! Usually hot dogs are only for dinner and bananas are only for breakfast around here. That's okay though, Quinn is such a good little boy, he deserves to be spoiled!

We went to horse back riding and the weather held out so Quinn could ride outside. He did a really good job today and is starting to get the hang of using PECS to tell the horse to go. I am going to ask about signing up Cooper for riding over the summer, I think it would be really good for him too.