Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yes, it has been a long time. I had my wisdom teeth removed and it hurt...bad....still does :(

Today I went to watch Cooper's class which I haven't done in a while. He was great! The first thing I noticed was he was sitting all alone in the corner reading a book being ignored by all the teachers. I was really unhappy about that until I realized what he was doing. He had this little book that had pictures of shapes/objects in it. As he turned each page he would dig into the bucket sitting next to him and pull out a matching object. For example he turned to a flag and pulled out a little American Flag, etc. He would pull it out, hold it up and get a really big smile, then put it back and turn to the next page. It was just so cute, he doesn't need any stinking teachers...he was doing the lesson all on his own. No other kid in his class has the concentration to do something like that without the teacher prompting them.

Other things he did today, he imitated the signs for me, book, and circle. Everytime the teacher said to the group "if you want a turn do this ____" (then she did some movement), he imitated her. I was really impressed with him today.

Then he fell asleep on the way to his last day at the Shafer Center for ABA. He was cranky when we got there so I tried to distract him with a toy phone that they had while we were waiting. I figured he would like it because it had numbers (0-9) on it. I started asking him to show me the numbers and of course he did it perfectly. He looked a little bored so I asked him to show me 18. I really wasn't sure he could do it but without hesitating he pushed the 1 then the 8! Yeah, he got all the numbers right 10-20 that way too. That is just amazing, he is too smart.


datri said...

Just wondering how ABA is going. Kayla's losing her ABA at the end of the summer and I think that really sucks. Even though Kayla hates ABA and her progress is very slow, at least we can SEE her progress since everything is charted.