Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cooper had a really good day today! This morning I was packing his lunch and he saw me take out a bag of his favortie cheese crackers. He decided he just couldn't wait for snacktime and had to have some for breakfast too. I wasn't going to give in, but he pulled me over to the box and said very clearly "eat"! He did it again tonight for the same crackers!

Also, during circle time at school the teacher was singing a song and she paused (as usual) before saying the last word to allow any student who might feel like chiming in to say it. Well, Cooper said it! No prompting or anything, he just popped out with "play"! The teacher said it was so clear and perfect she couldn't believe it, Cooper never talks during circle time!

Then we went to the playground between schools and it was really hot. There was absolutely no shade around the swings, which is where Cooper always insists we stay. There was a nice shady bench right by the slide and I was standing there wistfully thinking how if Cooper were a different child I might be able to sit on that bench and watch him play, now wouldn't that be nice? Well, I told Cooper that I really wanted to go sit on the bench and he could go slide and then we could come back and swing later. To my surprise when I got him down from the swing he didn't cry or anything, he just started running towards the slide all on his own! So, after thanking god, I followed him and sat on that shady bench for almost 10 minutes watching him play on the slide! Seriously, it was like a miracle! Then my sweet baby came over and sat down next to me on the bench and cuddled. It was pretty awesome :)

Quinn didn't have as great a day. He was a little tired and cranky during horseback riding and then after dinner I gave him a haircut. He really did not enjoy the haircut but it was quick and basically painless for all of us. I think I did a much better job on it this time, he looks really cute. His glasses are also ready to be picked up so we are planning on getting them on Friday. I will try to get a picture with the new haircut and new glasses this weekend. Tommorow is Quinn's IEP, I am not anticipating any issues but you never know....