Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Both my boys totally knocked my socks off today!

First, Quinn was at horseback riding and his new horse, Twister, has a little GI problem. That horse poops every time Quinn is on him and for some reason he can't walk and poop at the same time (aren't horses supposed to do that?). So Twister stops walking and none of the therapists do anything but wait for the horse to finish going. Quinn decides to take things into his own hands and reaches forward and grabs the "go" card and hands it to the therapist with absolutely no prompting! Just two weeks ago he couldn't do it at all without hand over hand and last week he was just starting to do it with tons of prompting. Thankfully Twister was just about done and the therapist made a big deal about Quinn doing it himself and then they started walking again. He did it a few more times all by himself again too, good job Quinn!

When we go home from riding Cooper insisted on having a chocolate bar. I was exhausted so I sat down and handed him a little piece at a time (you don't want to hand Cooper a whole chocolate bar). When it was all done he came back for more and I told him it was all gone. He wanted to check out the wrapper to be sure so I handed it to him. Then I said (jokingly) "Go put this in the trash for me." He took the wrapper and ran off towards the kitchen, I really didn't expect him to throw it out. We haven't been working on that at all and our trash can is in a hidden pull out cabinet. Well, Cooper shocked me by going right to the trash can, pulling it open, placing the wrapper in it, and then closing it! I didn't even think Cooper knew the word "trash", but he didn't hesitate once the whole time! That is definately a skill we will be practicing a lot from now on, no more leaving wrappers all over the place :)

Quinn also had his 5 year old check up today. Everything was fine. He is 50th percentile in both height and weight on the typical chart! At least he is typical at something! He got one shot and didn't even cry. He is such a good boy.