Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I took Cooper for ice cream between schools today. He is such a good boy! Somehow between last week and today he figured out how to lick the cone instead of biting. This is good because when he bites the soft ice cream it gets all over his face and he doesn't like that. Hmmm, maybe Grandma Jan taught him? He is such a sweetheart. Today he said "doggy" and then he said "wait" again (he said it yesterday too). I think that is his new favorite word...I guess maybe I use it too often. He was also really into doing his puzzles tonight. After he finished each one he had me put it back on top of the TV and get him another one, it was cute. I guess he didn't want his brother messing with them :)

Today was Quinn's last day of school. I would be really excited about this if Cooper didn't still have a month of school left, to be followed immediately by another month of Quinn's summer school. Kids with special needs don't get summers off, which means neither do their mommies! Tommorow Quinn has a doctors appointment, his five year old check up, and then horseback riding. Wednesdays are tough I tell you!