Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This morning I took Quinn out for a little walk to get him back in shape for school which starts next week. I decided to go for it and put his glasses on first and I was so glad I did! He was walking around looking at everything a laughing. He was especially amazed to see leaves on the trees :) He did a pretty good job walking and didn't drop once, he did keep asking me to pick him up but only half-heartedly. It was really nice, I hope we have time to do it again soon.

This afternoon we all went to horseback riding. Quinn was really happy to be there and did a great job. Cooper was not sure at first and really didn't like the helmet. This was only his second time riding but once he got on the horse he did pretty good. He understands that when he taps on the horse it makes it go. He rode Snowy, Quinn's old horse today! What a relief, I thought Snowy had gone to the glue factory but he was only out on medical leave :) The therapist kept trying to get Cooper centered on the horses back but he kept readjusting to one side. I finally figured it out, he really likes the main therapist so he kept scooching over to cuddle up against her. What a goof my Cooper is! :)