Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And I thought I was done with IEPs! Today was Quinn's intake meeting at his new school. It was basically another IEP meeting. It went well and the difference between this school and his old one was very obvious. They know their special needs stuff here, they just didn't have the training at his old school. We discussed that when the regular school year starts he will start recieving some casual ABA therapy during classroom hours. I am hopeful about this because it has done wonders for Cooper. He doesn't have a dual diagnosis yet, but if the school wants to give him one to get him more services I could care less at this point. I mean the top doctor in the country told me Quinn doesn't have Autism, but he was an idiot so who knows? One of my favorite blogs is about a little girl with a dual diagnosis (yes I am talking about you Ecki and Kayla) and I do see a lot of simiarities.

Next year Quinn will be going swimming at least every other week, which he will love. There will be 4 children with special needs and 4 typical children in his class, which I love. He is going to have a field trip every Friday, that should be interesting. And he will be buying lunch at the cafeteria everyday, that should be very interesting. The vice pricipal was very sure he wouldn't qualify for free or reduced lunch, I guess she knows this because he doesn't qualify for Medical Assistance. Sometimes it sucks not being quite poor enough :( Lucky for Quinn enough of the kids in his school are poor enough (sadly a lot are foster children), so everyone gets a free breakfast. I hear he has really been enjoying the yogurt and actually likes Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal!


datri said...

I'm still blown away at how Dr. Capone treated you guys. Unbelieveable! We were scheduled to see him again on August 4, but they cancelled because Dr. Capone is on vacation. ::eyeroll:: I (and KKI!) should have realized that earlier, though, since he's in Sacramento for the NDSC convention on Aug 1 & 2! We haven't rescheduled, not sure if we will. Don't know what more he could possibly tell us for $600 that we don't already know.