Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This morning Cooper was a little cranky. I am not sure but I think it was because Matt didn't say goodbye before we left for school (he was getting the dog). My Cooper is such a sensative little boy! He pretty much pulled it together for class and he did a good job as usual. No big breakthoughs, I swear he knows when I am watching! Between schools we went to the playground and he swung in the swing, but also willingly went and played on the slides for a little while that is progress! Grandma Jan picked him up from school #2 and took him home with her. They apparently had a great time, then Grandma Donna picked him up from there and took him to Grandma Berta's house (this kid has a lot of grandmas!). They were actually supposed to come home, but Cooper loves visiting Grandma Berta's little house so he insisted they stop over there. He played in her bed and ate some of her food and then finally came home.

Quinn had his appointment with the ENT this afternoon. He was a really good boy the whole time. Unlike Cooper, Quinn loves waiting rooms! He sat in almost every chair there and let me tell you, it was a huge waiting room. I guess he wanted to try them all out :) The doctor checked his ears (after calling for backup from a nurse), and besides squirming a lot Quinn did good. Both of his tubes are still intact and working well. He did have some wax but the doctor removed it and showed it to me...gross! I guess ENTs forget that the rest of the world just doesn't find ear wax as exciting as they do. Tommorow is Quinn's eye doctor appointment and thankfully Matt is coming with us. I could barely keep Quinn still today and the eye exam is a lot more involved. I think daddy is going to be coming to a lot more doctors appointments from now on :(


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

LOL Our ENT showed me Kennedy's ear wax once too! Yuck! Glad to hear his tubes are still working well!