Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I thought Quinn was doing better today so I sent him to school. Nope, still not better. He did okay at school but his teacher seemed less than thrilled he was there. Then we went to horseback riding and he just wasn't himself. Tommorow I will be calling the doctor, time to get rid of all that snot.

Yesterday Quinn did the greatest thing. I came home after being gone pretty much all day and he walked right over and met me at the door with an honest to goodness hug! It was amazing :)

They are teaching Cooper to touch his head when told at school so I tried it out tonight at home. He did great! He didn't even need a visual cue all I had to do was say "touch your head" and he did it. Then I decided to go for broke and ask him to touch his nose. He touched his mouth but it was close. I think we need to practice that one in front of a mirror. He is also bringing his own plate and the ketchup to the table everynight for dinner. He is getting so good at following directions!


datri said...

Kayla's got that whole "touch your (fill in body part)" in her ABA program and she refuses to do it. Sigh. I don't know if she doesn't know or doesn't care.