Thursday, April 2, 2009

I took Quinn to the doctor today and he has a sinus infection. He is now on antibiotics and should be all better very soon. He was so good at the doctors office. As I was holding him down so she could look in his ears the doctor looked concerned that he was squirming so much. Then she realized he was actually smiling and laughing! For some reason Quinn thinks messing with doctors is really funny :)

Cooper woke up this morning with a cough, we are still waiting to see what comes of that. He had a great day at school. He apparently said "go" twice on the swing. That is something I have been working on with him but I only get "o", his teacher said he definately said the "g" this time. Another neat thing he did was while he was snacking on a cookie he took it and put it to the mouth of one of Quinn's stuffed animals and pretended to feed it! I didn't prompt him at all and I was shocked that he would do that! He also pointed to his nose instead of his mouth when I asked where his nose was, but that may have just been luck.