Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Has it really been that long since I posted?

Today the boys both had pretty good days. Cooper did great at school this morning. They have this toy that is an ice cream cone and when you push the button the top pops off. Well, for the last two days Cooper has been requesting it pop by saying "Pop,pop, pop"! They also put a new toy in the sensory area, a pop up tent that is shaped like a school bus. He loves it and today he was playing in it with another little boy in the class. They were interacting and playing with each other idependently and that is a big deal. His teachers were very excited about that! Tonight he was playing with our "Memory" game, he loves all the little cards. Well, when he went to play with something else Grandma Berta put it away and up on the book shelf where he couldn't reach it. After dinner he wanted to play with it again, but instead of just dragging me to it or just pointing he was also saying something. It sounded like maybe he was saying "chips" which kindof makes sense because they are little square cards. But whatever he was saying it was an obvious verbalization to request something with no prompting! Yay Cooper!

Quinn had horseback riding today and we went even though it was pouring. He rode in the indoor ring and had a great time. He was smiling and happy and really interactive. He rode Twister again today...I am really scared to ask what happened to Snowy... maybe I don't want to know.