Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Even though it wasn't nearly as fun as going to the zoo, Quinn seemed to enjoy his day off. He looked relieved when I left him in his pajamas this morning and he had a great time hanging out with Grandma Berta while I took Cooper to school.

Today I got to watch Cooper's class which I always enjoy. Cooper is so funny, he is very different from the other kids in his class. One of the other mothers told me today that Cooper always looks like that kid in the class that is bored because he is so far ahead of what they are teaching. That may be, but until he starts talking he is going to be stuck on that kind of level. All he has to do is open his mouth and start spouting equations or physics theorys and I am sure we could move him to a more stimulating class :) This morning it appeared that he was staring out the window instead of paying attention, but once it was time to read the book it became clear that he was actually staring at the book (which was propped up in front of the window). He got really excited when the teacher got the book and he didn't take his eyes off it or her the whole time she was reading it!

Other highlights from Cooper's day:

  • He handed a toy to another child when his teacher asked him to.
  • He got a little too excited about the water table and ended up soaked.
  • He did a great job imitating patting the table during his discrete trial training.
  • When we went to the playground between schools he was really interested in the other kids. He didn't want to get out of the swing (sigh) but everytime another kid came near us he would get a big smile and watch them really closely.

Tommorow I have an meeting with Cooper's head ABA therapist and then on Thursday he goes to the ENT to have his ears checked for school. I need someone to drive Quinn to speech at 1PM Thursday if anyone whose name starts with a "grand" is available. This is our last session at Loyola until Fall :( I can't believe Cooper is going to have to miss it (and maybe Quinn if I can't find someone to drive him).