Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yesterday I took Quinn to his horseback riding therapy. It was a nice place and they even gave Quinn a pair of boots to wear (no sneakers allowed), it was really dusty and they have a different idea of "heated" than I do, but I guess that is what barns are like. Quinn was very excited to be there, but he wasn't thrilled with the actual riding. I was watching from the other side of the arena and he kept flopping all over the place. His therapist said he struggled a lot but didn't cry. I really think he would have cried if he hated it, I think he was just a little uncomfortable and unsure. We are going to continue because I think it will be really good for him. The whole ride home he laughed and babbled and he usually does that after he has a really good time (like on the way home from the fair), so I think maybe he did like it.

Today was Cooper's first speech session at Loyola. He did fine the first half of the session, but really fell apart at the end. I think he just needs to get used to it there. Also, when they took him to the motor room he was not exactly thrilled to see his brother already in there! He didn't make a sound (except for crying) the whole time we were there so he was obviously uncomfortable. But tonight at dinner he said a new word! He was sitting there making "m" sounds and wanting more pickels and then all of the sudden he was saying "more, more, more"! Yay!

Guess what Quinn let me do tonight? Brush his teeth!!! Okay...Matt had to hold him down but he opened his mouth for me and didn't cry or anything. He didn't even bite down. I sure hope this lasts!


datri said...

Quinn will get the hang of the horse riding. Kayla was "like a rag doll" when she started. Well, that's what the riding center put in their newsletter when they featured her last issue, LOL. I can't wait for it to warm up so we can start again.