Sunday, February 1, 2009

For those of you who think Cooper is ready to be potty trained....Forget About It!!!

I need to collect a urine sample from him so I thought if I can just get him to pee in the little potty it will be simple. I tried tonight, armed with Skittles and everything.

Cooper is completely terrified of sitting on the potty.

I have no idea why but he just won't sit. I got him on there twice but I had to wrestle him on there. Even the Skittles didn't help. So no, he is not ready for potty training.

He does, however, have great control of his bladder because when he started peeing all over the bathroom I yelled "no!" and he stopped immediately! I think my best chance of getting a sample may be to let him run around his room naked and just catch some pee in the container as he goes. They supposedly make these little bags that stick to him under his diaper and catch the pee, of course no one gave me one. I have to call the lab and ask if they have them.

After tonights fiasco I promised I wouldn't try the potty again for 6 months. That seemed to make both me and Cooper feel a little better.