Friday, February 6, 2009

Quinn's new speech teacher came over today. She is awesome and if anyone can get Quinn to talk it is her! She says it is important for everyone who spends time with Quinn to work with him on his speech so I am going to put her recommendations here.

1) Say, Show, Do- We need to make Quinn an active part of everything we do with him. We do this using three steps. First, we get his attention and say what we want him to do. Second, we show him what we want him to do. Third, tell him to do it; if he doesn't do it we will do it with him using hand over hand. Example: Quinn get your coat. Show Quinn his coat and motion that he should get it. Take Quinn's hand and help him get his coat.

2)Tracking Skills- We need to get Quinn looking around more. Take a desirable object (toy, chip, spoon) and move it out of his line of vision so he has to track it.

3) Signs- The signs we are going to work on are "More" "Go" "Me" and "Done" each should be done 20 times a day using hand over hand.

4) Waving "hello" and "goodbye" everytime we leave the room or put something away.