Friday, February 13, 2009

So Cooper had the morning off from school. Since he was tired and had a runny nose we both took advantage of that fact and took a nice mid-morning nap. Of course, when I woke him up for our visitors (speech, ot, and teacher), he was a cranky mess. That was okay though because they weren't really here to see him. Today was our transition meeting. What is a transition meeting? Well Cooper turns 3 in June and on his birthday he is no longer going to be part of infants and toddlers. He has to go to school and that means Mommy has lots of big decisions to make. Oy! It was totally deja vu for both me and his teacher, we just did this with Quinn two years ago. Ms. Dorothy even kept saying Quinn instead of Cooper by mistake, it was totally surreal.

And guess who perked up and got all interested in speech lessons when Quinn's speech teacher got here? Yes, Cooper. He behaved pretty well though and didn't intrude too much into Quinn's time. Quinn did a great job today. His teacher said his eye contact had really improved since last week. She was holding a ball and saying it and she swears he actually said "ball" too! He seemed to be trying to imitate her mouth movements alot too. Our homework for this week is to add the signs for "up" and "down" which are just pointing up or down. I need to put together a babydoll, blanket, and bottle and teach him how to pretend to feed and cover the baby. Apparently if he learns this his IQ score goes up 18 points, his teacher says she is teaching to the test, sounds good to me. I also have to make some picture cards and work on having him point to them. It was funny, we were sitting at the table and the teacher pulled out her "pizza" card for Quinn to identify. She kept saying the word "pizza" so Cooper came running over to make sure there was no actual pizza there (we refrain from using that word around here since the new diet), he was totally dissapointed when he realized it was just a picture, goofball :)