Monday, February 2, 2009

Good news on the urine front. I called the lab and they have some little baggies that I can use to catch the pee in the diaper. I just have to pick them up and pray that they work!

Today I made an appointment for Quinn's first Hippotherapy (horseback riding)session. We go on Wednesday night, weather permitting. Don't worry about the cold though, I have been promised that they have an indoor heated riding ring. That will be much better than last time we had hippotherapy, talk about cold!!! We also have our first appointment with our new speech therapist this week. She is coming on Friday afternoon, right after Cooper's speech therapist leaves. Busy, busy, busy!

This morning I had my infusion for my arthritis medicine. It didn't go well, first they couldn't find a vein and then I almost passed out while they were taking blood. Luckily I recovered before they got out the smelling salts...yuck! Since I was unavailable, Grandma Donna picked Cooper up at school #1 and drove him to school #2. Then Grandma Jan picked him up from there. Wow, two grandmas in one day! Tonight Cooper decided he likes the Panda Puffs cereal that I have been trying to get him to eat for months now. What is with this kid?? Oh well, glad I didn't throw it out.

I am hoping tommorow either brings perfect weather or a snow day for BOTH kids. I am so over winter.


datri said...

Good luck with the Hippotherapy! Kayla's been riding for 2 years, but we had to stop for the winter. Our riding center also has an indoor area but it's still freezing in there! Probably worse for me watching than Kayla riding since the horse warms you up.