Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What a day! Talk about being shocked right out of vacation mode.

Quinn went back to school today and he was so out of sorts that he actually cried when he got on the bus. Thankfully he got over that quickly and his teacher said he had a great day at school.

Cooper started preschool at the Co-op today. He is in the two year old class on Tuesday mornings. Mommies stay with the kids in the two year old class so we are both going to preschool. I don't remember my knees hurting this much when I sat in circle time when I was in preschool though :( Cooper did really well, for Cooper anyway. I was very proud of how he handled himself especially when the other little boys tried to play with what he was playing with. He managed to sit through most of circle time too. He did great at snack (of course), and he rocked on the playground. He was thrilled with the climber/slide they have there and was the only kid who didn't mind that everything was wet...that is my Cooper. He ran around to all the puddles and splashed in them! The other mother's didn't really appreciate that their kids followed his lead. Well, my kids get messy and I don't care...sorry! Anyway, Cooper seemed to enjoy his first day. He didn't even mind that when we got home we had a suprise visit from Ms. Dorothy. She left a cool toy for him and that made him very happy.

All in all it was a sucessful day!