Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This morning Cooper's OT came over. He really likes his OT but he doesn't usually cooperate much. Today he must have been in a really good mood, because he did awesome. First she tried to get him to play with his cars in a new way. She took a book and used it as a ramp for his cars to go down. He shocked us both by totally imitating her play! That is a big deal for Cooper. Also, she has been trying to get Cooper interested in coloring for a while now, he just isn't into it. But today as she was making notes he came over and was very interested in her pen. She handed him the pen and let him scribble on her folder. Not only did he let her show him how to hold the pen correctly, he also imitated drawing circles and vertical lines! He was really into watching her write his name, he may be writing COOPER on all his blank art papers before we know it!

This afternoon Quinn had his first session of the semester at Loyola Speech. He fell asleep on the way there and was very unhappy when I woke him up. Once he realized where he was he really cheered up though, he loves Loyola! When we walked in he went straight to the room he had camp in and wanted to stay in there. I had to carry him to the room he had therapy in and once he saw it he went right in, pulled the chair back from the table, sat down, and looked at his new therapist like "I'm ready, entertain me." What a goof :)

What else happened today? I got some lovely roses delivered from my absentee husband. Quinn and Cooper went to the mall for dinner and fun with Grandma Jan and Grandpa Don. And me and Grandma Berta had a wonderful relaxing meal at the Cheesecake Factory!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Sounds like a VERY good day!! I LOVE Cheesecake factory!