Monday, September 15, 2008

I don't really care for Mondays, but this one was okay. Quinn went to sleep last night with no trouble, so he was awake and happy this morning. He had a good day at school and his teacher tells me that the new speech therapist sat in on class and observed him as promised. He was a little tired when he got home today. Usually he shrugs off his bookbag and walks right over to get in his highchair for lunch. Today he dropped his bag and went to lay on the sofa, weird. He still didn't take a nap!

I had Cooper's teacher on our calendar today, but she never showed up. This happens a lot when you have so many therapists to schedule. I bet she comes tommorow. I never know for sure if it is me or them who screwed up, but I guess it doesn't really matter. Cooper was glad to have the day off.

I found these great DVD's that are supposed to be like music therapy. Cooper likes them but Quinn isn't interested for some strange reason. They are great, they teach stuff like Hello, Goodbye, Stop, Stand in Line. These are things my boys really need to learn if they are going to survive pre-school, especially Cooper...Quinn can probably just slide by on his charm alone ;)

We had meatballs for dinner, Quinn was thrilled. They went right through him though...yuck!


Anonymous said...

Your boys are absolutely adorable..Love, Marci