Monday, September 22, 2008

Quinn has a great new speech teacher at school. She just started working with him on using assistive technology to communicate. Here is the update that she sent me today. It sounds like he is doing great!

I wanted to give you an update on Quinn's speech therapy!
Last Monday I spent about 2 hours in the classroom to see where we could best start introducing the assistive tech. I felt that the most highly motivating time of day is snack! So, today, I took him to my room where it is nice and quiet and had him request the food (cheese curls) by pushing a switch with a picture symbol on it. I only gave him little pieces of cheese curl to increase the need for interactions. Overall he did great.
After about 30 minutes of practice, I had Miss Ronnie come out and see how I did it with him so she could carryover in the classroom. She was very happy to see how well he did. He was also very tickled with himself! He made lots of different sounds while he was working with me.
I set up the device for use in the classroom with the appropriate pictures. As he progresses, I will up the expectation level. I will continue to pull him out of the classroom once a week and provide support for the classroom.
I know you want him to use the multi-button and we will build to that.