Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cooper had his second day of preschool today. It went pretty well. He kept running out of our classroom and going to the older kids class. I don't know why, maybe he saw something in there that he liked when we walked by, or maybe he decided he should be in there because they were the same size as him. Whatever the reason we fixed it by closing the door :) I don't know if Cooper did it on purpose, but right before circle time he managed to spring a leak. A prepared mother would have just changed his diaper and put on his emergency pants. Emergency pants, those would have been helpful. Instead we made a mad dash back home to change (and put emergency pants in our bag), and got back just in time for circle time to be over.

Other highlights from Cooper's day....

1) He is a total bully. He kept taking toys from the other kids and for some reason they let him. This one little girl followed him all around with this sad look on her face while he played with her train. Oh well, he does it nicely no grabbing or pushing. He just takes whatever they are playing with nice and gently...sigh...

2) Cooper only likes the short slide outside. That is because it is faster, much faster. He loves it when he flies right off and into the gravel.

3) For some reason Cooper thinks pouring a bucket of sand over his head is really funny. Half the other parents agreed, half really didn't. I didn't really mind, it was kind of funny. At least he pours it over *his* head.

4) Cooper was playing outside with the basketball toy. He is really good at putting the ball through the hoop. He was doing this quietly when all the other kids came out and exclaimed loudly that there were "Balls!" Right after this happend he ran up and put the ball through the hoop saying loudly, "Ba, ba, ba, ball!" Way to go Cooper!

Quinn had a good day at school too. His teacher tells me she is trying to teach him to pull down his pants. Umm, is that really something he needs to learn right now? I am assuming she means in conjuntion with diaper changing/potty training, but he already knows how to pull down his pants, didn't you read my "Wild Nights" post?

Tommorow Quinn starts speech therapy at Loyola again. Wish us luck, we are hoping for some words this year!