Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Today was a long and busy day. First I took both kids to see the ENT (with a lot of help from Grandma Jan). The doctor had two things to say...

1) Quinn's tubes look perfect.
2) Cooper needs tubes too.

So very soon both my babies will have tubes in their ears and hopefully be able to hear much better. They retested Quinn's hearing and it had definately improved post tubes. After the appointment Grandma Jan took us all out to a lovely lunch at McDonalds! The boys both love McDonalds and they were really nice to us there, even though when we left there were two chewed up happy meals on the floor. Thanks for lunch, Jan!

Then tonight I went to the parent orientation for Quinn's summer speech camp. It sounds like it is going to be really great. I met both of Quinn's therapists (2 therapists for 4 kids) and they seemed great. I know Quinn will love them, and vice versa. My biggest challenge for the summer will be getting him there on time (9 AM!) and it is a half hour away. We can do it though, yes we can! They asked me if Quinn would let them know when he needed his diaper changed, I just smiled and said.."you'll know". These girls are definately little kid rookies, but they took my warning about spit up very well :) Oh, and we have to take turns bringing snacks for all the kids. The therapists spent lots of time figuring out very cool creative snacks that go along with what they will be learning....Quinn probably won't eat any of it! They are going to be helping make the snack though and I bet he will love that. Juice must be from a cup, not a juice box, this is so they can pour just a little and make them request more, genius! Apparently their motto is that "nothing is free" (I thought they meant the tuition at first:)) but they meant the kids have to work to communicate for everything they want. Quinn is gonna love that...