Monday, June 30, 2008

Cooper: "My teacher came over this morning and I was really happy to see her! I am starting to get used to her pushiness and now I just ignore it. I managed to have a great time playing with her toys and at the same time refused to do a single thing she wanted me to do. I think I am really starting to frustrate her, she wants me to sign "more" really badly, but I am just not into signing. I think I am going to wait until my ear tubes are in then just yell "MORE" at her next time she comes over."

Quinn: "I didn't get to see Miss Dorothy today cause I slept until 11:00 AM! I just couldn't get to sleep last night and I was so exhausted this morning. Mommy finally had to come and wake me up, I hate when she does that. I was still tired and then she wouldn't let me take a nap when I fell asleep on the sofa, something about speech camp...not messing up my schedule...blah...blah...blah."

My resolution for July is to take the kids outside every nice day that I have time. Today we went and played in the backyard for a while after Quinn woke up. The boys were so excited to go out, they enjoy the "great outdoors" much more than their mommy does. We played at the water table for a while but Cooper wouldn't let Quinn play with any of the toys and he kept splashing him. Quinn didn't seem to mind at all, it was a little ridiculous though, Cooper had so many toys on his side of the table he couldn't even get to his water! After that we dried off on the swings and Cooper played with the hose (it wasn't turned on though). I have a super cool kids sprinkler on order from Amazon, it should be arriving soon along with Quinn's new booster and Cooper's...gasp...potty!