Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It is the one year anniversary of the big move for Great Grandma Berta! We are so happy she is here! Doesn't seem like it has been that long but time flys when you are having fun. Where would we be without you Grandma? Thank you so much for moving in with us!

Today I got a call from the infants and toddlers OT, she is going to come over and check out Cooper when we get back from Mexico. See, Cooper just had to chew up a poptart and then spit it out in front of his teacher the other day, and now she thinks he needs help with his eating. I think he is just weird, but we will see. I bet she will say she has never seen anything like it....that's what they always say about my kids.

Quinn's doctor also called today. He wanted to let us know that all the blood work they did from his surgery came back normal. Every year Quinn is supposed to be tested for his thyroid, celiac disease, and other issues common with Down Syndrome...this year it seemed to make sense to take the blood while he was already under for his surgery. Never doing that again! Taking that blood apparently took an extra 15 minutes, so we had to wait longer than they originally told us to find out he was okay. Those 15 minutes took 2 years off my life, no lie!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Quinn and Coope, it's been a wonderful year for me too,you two are so much fun.Love your new Blog,keep posting.Love
G G Berta