Thursday, June 26, 2008

So now that you know what the big kids did in about a little update on what the little kids were doing??

The boys spent Friday through Sunday with Grandma Donna and Grandpop Bill. They got to go to downtown Annapolis, a hike/picnic at Quiet Water's Park,to the beach, and out to dinner. Apparently through all this, Quinn was an angel and Cooper was....well....Cooper. Some comments that came from this set of grandparents..
"I took Cooper to the post office and tried to mail him to Mexico, but they didn't have enough stamps", "Now I understand why people beat their children", and "Now I know why you needed a vacation so bad". Oh Cooper, you were supposed to be good, now Mommy and Daddy will never get to go away alone again!

Then on Sunday my parents dropped the kids off at Grandma Jan and Granpa Don's house. These grandparents watch them every Saturday so they kind of knew what to expect. Still, Cooper drove them nuts too. They took the kids to Dutch Wonderland, very brave of them. The kids really loved it, especially Cooper. Grandma Jan said he was in heaven in the water park area. I think we need to get him a cool sprinkler for the backyard. Then Cooper screamed the whole way home, my guess is that he didn't want to leave the park. Poor Cooper, poor everyone else in the car too! On Tuesday Quinn had his first day of speech camp. He loved it! He always likes going to speech but I think he especially liked having other kids around too. On Tuesday night they brought the kids home and put them to sleep. Grandma Berta came over to sit with them until we got home...around 10:30 PM. Quinn was still awake in his room so I went into see him. He was totally unimpressed that I was back, but happy to have me cuddle with him. I really missed my Quinn! Cooper woke up in the middle of the night with a poopy diaper, he was also unimpressed that I was back and his diaper was nasty! Thanks for the welcome home gift Cooper!