Monday, June 9, 2008

Surgery, ear infections, and the last day of school.

Quinn had surgery on Wednesday and he handled it really well. They removed his Adenoids and put tubes in his ears. He has been in a great mood since about two hours post op, which is when we got to leave the hospital. I think he is happy because now he can breathe and hear. He has definately been babbling more and he is dancing to his Wiggles with a lot more enthusiasm. Maybe because now he can actually hear the music? Thank god for the Wiggles, those hours at the hospital would have been a nightmare without them!

So now that Quinn is tubed up and good to go, Cooper can't hear either. He has just been diagnosed with double ear infections and is pretty miserable. He has been on antibiotics for a few days now, so his ears feel better....but the medicine has upset his stomach and after five nasty diapers today, his cute little but is red and raw. Poor baby. He is also probably headed for tubes, I doubt he will handle it as well as Quinn did though.

Today was the last day of school!!! Quinn got to go and I know he had a good time. Unfortunately it was so hot out that they closed school 3 hours early so I had to pick him up (no bus in early dismissal days). All he wanted to do when he saw me was get in the car where he knew it would be cool. He drank two sippy cups full of water when he got home. He fell asleep today around 4 PM, he is still asleep and it is almost midnight. I am sure he will wake up at 3 am and want to play. I guess it is okay though, we have nothing to wake up early for tommorow!

Unfortunately Quinn slept through dinner tonight. He missed out on pigs in blankets and french fries! Cooper actually ate some french fries though, I decided to be a nice mommy and give him some ketchup. To my surprise he actually dipped the fries in the ketchup and ate them (instead of just dipping his fingers in the ketchup and licking them like he usually does). He didn't even make a mess and it was the cutest thing ever!