Friday, April 9, 2010

Today Quinn went on a field trip to the Columbia Mall. They were supposed to go to the park but changed it because of the weather. From what I gather a field trip to the mall includes walking around and then eating McDonald's. I am sure Quinn loved it! His aide told me that the lesson for the field trip was "using our senses", Quinn "smelled" his french fries and "tasted" his nuggets. Okay? I wish I could have been there when she tried to get him to smell his food before he ate it! LOL! Then after they got back to school they had an assembly and had someone playing the drums. Quinn loved it and danced the whole time, I miss Quinn's dancing he used to do it all the time.... Anyway, I know all this because I went in to pick him up, otherwise I wouldn't know any of it, oy!

After I picked Quinn up we went and picked up his new glasses. He was very good about trying them on at the store. When we got home I put his strap on them and put them on. He kept them on the rest of the day until bedtime without even messing with them! What a good boy! There is a picture of his new glasses below, I think he looks cute in them.