Friday, April 2, 2010

Today I took Quinn to a glasses place in town to get him his backup pair. I wanted to get him a pair that he could wear at home and I wouldn't have to worry constantly about him pulling them off and destroying them. So I decided on Flexon metal frames, after hearing some negative stuff about the all plastic flexible frames. Flexon's can (in theory) be twisted and squeezed and they won't break or be destroyed, they just pop back into shape. We shall see.... Anyway, I took Quinn and they did have a cute pair that actually seemed to fit him pretty well (even though they are much larger than his current glasses). He was a really good boy and let me try them on his twice without even having anyone have to hold his arms down, good thing since I was there alone :) Then he actually decided to cuddle with me and was in the perfect still position for the lady to get the measurement. She told him to look at her nose and pointed (thank god) and he actually did it! I have such a good little boy! He was so good that I can overlook the fact that he grabbed at every pair of glasses he got near and tried to escape when I went to pay. Oy!