Thursday, April 1, 2010

On Wednesday the kids finally got to get out of the house and we went to horseback riding. It was a beautiful day which was such a relief after two horrible rainy days. I helped get Quinn settled on his horse and then went into the building to check on Cooper. Grandma Berta took him in there to get his cookie and wait for his therapist. Well, they were out of cookies so Grandma gave him some potato chips that they had out. When I came in he was really enjoying the potato chips and I noticed they looked like they were flavored, not plain. I went to check the bag, thinking it was surprising that Cooper liked sour cream and onion potato chips so much. Well they weren't sour cream and onion, they were dill pickle flavored! No wonder he liked them so much!!! The boy does love his pickles. Both boys had good sessions at horseback riding, but Cooper had a substitute therapist so he didn't say as much as usual.

This morning I took Cooper to Kennedy Krieger for more testing. There was just a little bit of pre-testing that he needed before he can start on his new study. This was all play based testing which he isn't as familiar with, but he did great. He is such a good boy and his tester was certainly impressed with how patient he was. We could hear other kids screaming from other testing rooms the whole time we were there. Most kids who have Autism are not as good about testing as Cooper. Although, he did pretty good considering everything, he obviously needs some help with his play skills. The good news is that he will get that in his new program. They are going to start with him on Tuesday and it will be an hour of one on one therapy five days a week. They are going to be pulling him out of his classroom for now. I asked about summer since the study lasts 6 months and they will come to our house when school is over! I am so glad I put him in this study!!! Yay!

Quinn is having a good week. He has been a bit calmer and getting into less trouble. It makes me wonder if all the sugar he gets at school now is affecting him. They give him at least one chocolate milk and one juice everyday there. At home he just gets water and whatever juice he can steal from Cooper. I am going to ask his teacher to stop giving him the sugary drinks for a while and see what happens. He will probably be just as happy with plain milk or water. Still waiting on the ADHD drugs, 20 days until he is six!