Monday, April 5, 2010

The Dentist

We took Quinn to the dentist today. I made Matt come with me just in case, but I really didn't need him there. Quinn was an angel! Seriously, if you go back 6 months and read my post about how good he was at the dentist, he was twice as good this time! Who would have thought. He just laid right down and opened his mouth, no crying...just giggling :) Then when the dentist was done Quinn gave him a high-five! His teeth are fine, no cavities or anything. He does have some gum bleeding because we don't brush his teeth enough. Maybe we would brush them more if he was as cooperative at home as he is at the dentist. The dentist said that in his experience kids with Down Syndrome have less cavities but more gum disease, huh.

Cooper was supposed to have ABA therapy today, but the therapist had to cancel because her flight got in so late last night. Oh well, back to usual tomorrow. Actually, I think he is supposed to start his new KKI study tomorrow, but the girl never called me. They will send a report home everyday so I guess I will find out if it started when I look in his bookbag.