Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ornery is a new word for me. It is kind of an old fashioned word that is defined as "having an irritable disposition". So why am I suddenly googling this word? Because Quinn's teacher keeps using it to describe his mood in his communication book!!! Now this is not a word I would have ever expected anyone to use to describe Quinn (Cooper maybe), but today it was followed by a description of how he pinched and bit his aide and hit another student! Honestly, my first thought was that the teacher must have put the wrong note in the wrong book, because my Quinn would never do that. But that is very unlikely, so I guess he did. Once again I am waiting to hear more details. Was he happy or sad when he did these things? Maybe he was just trying to interact with the other kids and didn't know how? Maybe it is just acting out because he misses his father? He never hits Cooper!

Oh well, his note also said that they went swimming for the first time today and he had a great time and was really good. I knew he would love the swimming! It looks like he will only get to go every other week, but we will see.