Friday, September 25, 2009

Celebrities and Special Needs

While surfing the web tonight I saw two very interesting stories about celebrities and their children with special needs.

First of all, John Travolta finally admitted that his son had Autism. About time!!! It really pisses me off that they wasted all those years claiming their son had Kawasaki Disease (a complete lie)when they could have been helping the Autism cause. This week John Travolta had to testify in court for the extortion case that followed his sons death. He admitted under oath that his son was Autistic and had a seziure disorder. No one knows better than me how hard it is to tell people that your child has a disability, but seriously he was 16 years old! John Travolta is a very famous, very powerful man...he could have made a difference if he wanted to.

In happier news, Katherine Heigl (yup, Izzy!) just adopted a little girl from Korea. She told Ellen that the adoption moved so fast because the little girl has special needs! Good for you Katherine!! I can't wait to hear more about what these special needs are, but for now here is the link to some pictures.