Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Quinn has gone to school for two full days now and I am still not really sure how it is going. That is one of the biggest problems with having a non-verbal child, they can't tell you about their day. Basically all I know is that both days he was really happy and tired when he got home, and both days he was wearing different pants when he got home. Apparently the new teacher is having a hard time figuring out his diapering schedule, LOL! Today all she wrote in his communication book was "Quinn had a very big and very messy BM." Cool, he is welcome to save all his poopy diapers that can be described with the word "very" for school :) So I am not really sure if he is wearing his glasses or if he is eating his lunch. The teacher did write that he was happy and a "pleasure" to have in the class. I am going to have to go over there and find out what is really going on, but for now I think everything is going really well. Tommorow will be his first day with typical peers in the class. Four typical children and four children with special needs, it is like a dream come true!

Cooper goes to his first day of class tommorow morning, but it is only for an hour and I am staying with him. I know he will love it though!


datri said...

It is so frustrating when your kid is nonverbal! Well, the bus driver said that Kayla didn't want to go home today, so maybe that is a good sign!

It's pretty neat that there are typical peers in Quinn's class. I wish they had a program like that here (although I'm VERY happy with her school!)