Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to School Day

Today was Back to School day at Quinn's new school. I took Grandma Berta and we went to watch Quinn's class for a while. I wish I had remembered to bring my camera! It was really nice to be invited to watch the class like that. We saw most of circle time and then their entire "station rotation". There were a few other parents there, but they were only parents of the typical kids. Their kids were excited to see them, but Quinn really didn't care that I was there. Oh well, at least one of the other boys in his class was happy to see me. He is a sweet little boy with special needs that is a little higher functioning than Quinn is and he is in love with me :) He must have remembered me from last time I visited because he got all excited as soon as I walked in, LOL!

Quinn did a great job while we were there. They finally found him some chewy tubes and gave them to him whenever he tried to put something inappropriate in his mouth. He wore his glasses almost the whole time, he only took them off when he was looking in the mirror (I guess he thinks he looks better without them). Then when the aide put them back on he was really great about letting her. He is starting to understand that he needs to go and check his schedule between stations. They are using actual objects instead of pictures, so he picks up a puzzle piece when his schedule says puzzle time, a computer mouse when it is computer time etc. They adapted that for him really nicely. During puzzle time he identified the "red" frog over other colors very consistently (suprising both his aide and his mom). His attention level during his one-on-one time with the teacher has also improved. The teacher is really happy with his progress and so am I. His aide told me that he is doing so well with the potty that yesterday he didn't have any wet diapers at all!!! He peed in the toilet three times and pooped in his diaper once (but it wasn't wet)!!! All I can say!

And to top it all off, this morning our neighbor was talking to him from across the street. He has been doing this for two years now and Quinn has never paid any attention to him at all. Bless that man, because he never gives up even though Quinn gives him no response. Well, today Quinn stared right at him while he was talking to him! It may seem like a small thing, but it was huge!! This school is obviously the right place for Quinn, I can't wait to see what he learns this year.