Monday, August 10, 2009

Testing at KKI

Today Cooper had his follow up testing at Kennedy Kreiger from the program he finished this summer. He will likely have to go back every 6 months maybe for the rest of his life because they want to follow him. That is fine by me, he doesn't mind it much and they have done so much for us! So this testing was supposed to happen about a month ago but I had a conflict so we had to push it back. I am so glad we did because he wasn't talking a month ago!!!

He was on a roll today! Even when they wanted him to point he would just say the word instead. I was so excited that he showed off his new talking skills and I can't wait to see what his new expressive language score is! I know it will be better than the "9 month old level" he got 3 months ago! The funniest thing that happened in testing is that the girl brought out a stuffed Cookie Monster and asked "Who is this?", without even hesitating Cooper said "Quinn!" I burst out laughing of course, why would he think that was Quinn? They do both shake their heads a lot but come on. Poor Cooper had a long day with 2.5 hours of therapy in the morning and then 3 hours of testing in the afternoon. He handled it pretty well though, just a little whining.

He said a ton of words this morning too. He went downstairs to the playroom and Quinn was in the swing. Cooper really wanted to be in the swing but instead of crying he said "Swing!", then he signed "swing", then he pointed to Quinn and said "No, no, swing!" It was such great communicating his therapist and I were both blown away. Then I had to take Quinn out of the swing, which made me feel like a bad mommy but Cooper deserved it. Also, he has to learn that when he asks for something with words like that he gets it.

Since Cooper was so good and I was so tired, we got pizza for dinner. During the meal Cooper asked repeatedly for either "pizza" or "coke", how's that for functional communication???!!


datri said...

It's great that Cooper's talking so much!