Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge!

We spent Sunday and Monday at the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA and all of the kids had a great time. We went with my parents and my niece and nephew. All five of the kids thought the indoor waterpark was the greatest thing ever (yes five, I am including my husband in that count). The big kids loved the waterslides, especially the scary ones. Cooper stuck to the way less scary kiddie waterslide but that is only because he isn't tall enough for the big ones yet. He loved the wave pool and has absolutely no fear of the water! Great Wolf had these awesome lifejackets that really kept his head above the water, so he was practically swimming on his own! Quinn liked the wave pool too, he stuck to standing on the side and using the wall to support himself as the waves knocked him back and forth. They both really liked the kiddie pool/play area and the lazy river too. It was perfect for everyone! Both Quinn and Cooper were perfectly behaved the whole trip and I was really proud of them. Quinn did stay up until 1 AM, but that was partly my fault. He got overexcited and I forgot to feed him his nightly cereal, which really seems to help him sleep. Oh well. We will definately be going back to Great Wolf someday, it was a great little vacation!

Today me and the boys took the day off to recover. We were all glad to be home. Cooper let me work with him a little on therapy stuff. I was really impressed that he worked so well with me, he really prefers a therapist to his mommy. We worked on learning the remaining family member photos. It is a little confusing since they are all name Grandma or Grandpa. So we are going mainly with first names for now. He will call Grandma Berta "Grandma" because he sees her everyday. He will call the other grandmas "Donna" and "Jan", Granpop Bill will be "Bill", and Grandpa Don has to be "Grandpa" because the whole Donna/Don thing was really confusing him! He did great saying all those names and should be indentifying them on his own soon. We seem to have some issues tranfering it from pictures to people, but baby steps are long as we keep moving forward! Then we moved onto a pack of alphabet flash cards. He made the sound of every letter, some with help some on his own. Then he repeated or tried to repeat the words when I labled each picture for him, for example for the "Z" card he made the ""z" sound and then repeated "zebra". The pack actually had two sets of alphabet cards so he said almost 52 words today! I didn't ask him the hard ones like "xylophone":) Plus, the "P" cards were missing! I wonder if he hid them since he has a hard time making that sound!