Wednesday, August 5, 2009


For the last 3 years Quinn and Cooper have basically been ignoring each other. But, recently they have taken more of an interest in each other. Quinn enjoys messing with Cooper's stuff because he knows it drives him crazy. Cooper is showing more interest in Quinn too. In my last post I said how he was trying to say his name. Well today he said it, multiple times! This morning his ABA therapist was showing him pictures of the family. She asked him to point to Quinn and he did, he also surprised her by saying perfectly "Quinn"! He also identified verbally the dog "Doggy" and me "Mama"! He won't say "mama" in front of me though :(

This afternoon I was working on something in my office and then went upstairs to check on the boys. When I walked into the room it was obvious that one of them had a dirty diaper. So I said "Which one of you has a poopy diaper? Is it you Quinn?" Then came Cooper's cute little voice clear as day "Quinn!". Yeah, it was definately Quinn :) I thought it was so great that Cooper was answering my question, that never happens around here!

Cooper also said "go" multiple times during horseback riding to make the horse go. He is doing so awesome!