Thursday, August 20, 2009

One Expensive Kid!

We survived the dentist. Cooper was not thrilled but all he did was whine a lot and Matt did have to hold him. The dentist said his teeth were very clean and we were doing a great job with brushing, who knew? Then he said his front teeth were all very overcrowded and he had an overbite. Poor kid got his teeth from his Daddy. I was pretty amazed that they could look into a 3 year olds mouth and be able to tell you he is going to need braces, but they did and he will. So do we start saving up for it now? When you put what we are going to have to pay an orthodontist together what we already have paid (and will pay) for all his therapy, Cooper is turning out to be one expensive kid! All I can say is he better get a good scholarship to college!!!

On the other hand there was a slight miscommunication and the nice people at the dentist office had no idea that Cooper has Autism. I realized right away that we were getting a very different treatment than when I brought Quinn. No private room, seeing the assistant before the dentist, etc. When the assistant (who had already been interacting with Cooper for a few minutes) asked me about the check mark next to "speech delay" on the form, I said "He has Autism". She got this shocked look on her face and ran off to find us a private room and talk to the dentist. It was nice to know it isn't obvious, even to someone who works with special needs kids all the time. After Cooper was done with his exam she told me that he handled it just as well as most of the typical three year olds do. That was nice to hear, although when I thought about it later I realized if she had said it about Quinn it probably would have pissed me off.