Monday, November 3, 2008

You know I hate to admit it, but my mother in law was right. I think Cooper is definately saying "I eat". You have to really listen (and use your imagination), but he is saying it. Yesterday I was trying to open up a bottle of gummy vitamins and he really wanted one. I was having trouble and he got impatient and said "I EAT!". Today I was sitting in the dining room and he came over, placed his empty snack cup on the counter and said casually "I eat..." Does "I eat." count as a sentence, my husband thinks it does, but I disagree. In other word news, we were watching Baby McDonald for the millionth time today and I pointed out the cow and said "Cow". Cooper looked at it and said "Oww". He did the same exact thing with no prompting while we were watching the DVD for the million and one time tonight.

Today Cooper had his first day in his regular class. He did really well and apparently really liked it. Not sure what they did to him (maybe too many games of ring-a-round the rosey) but all night he kept running in circles, falling down, and laughing. Weird, but very cute.