Thursday, November 27, 2008


This Thanksgiving Quinn and Cooper wanted to share with the world what they are thankful for. Here are their lists....

Top Ten Things Quinn is Thankful for.....

10. The Wiggles-They rock!
9. Gerber's Baby Cereal-still Quinn's favorite food four years later!
8. Chewy Tubes- sometimes you just need to chew on something.
7. Windy Days- Quinn loves the feel of wind on his tounge.
6. Snacktime- His favorite time of day, which lately has been all day...everyday.
5. Hand Rubs- Want to make Quinn happy? Rub the palm of his hand :)
4. School- This includes the bus ride, Ms. Carol, and Ms. Ronnie, Quinn loves it all!
3. Grandparents- We are all so thankful for all the Grandmas and Grandpas in our life.
2. Mommy and Daddy- Quinn seems pretty happy with his parental picks.
1. Best Friends- Grandpa Don, this means you!

Top Ten Things Cooper is Thankful for....

10. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse- Cooper loves Mickey and his friends!
9. Snack Cups- These make it possible for Cooper to snack all over the house, just like he likes!
8. Grandma Donna's Cookies- This is a new obsession, but he is definately thankful for them.
7. Portia- Cooper thinks his doggie is the best toy ever, Portia disagrees.
6. Baby Einstein DVDs- a.k.a baby prozac, they calm Cooper down when he gets upset.
5. Blankets- Cooper loves all kinds of blankets, but he is especially thankful for his blankie.
4. School- Cooper loves school even more than Quinn does, if that is even possible!
3. Granparents- Cooper is thankful for all of his grandparents and all that they do for him.
3a. Grandpa Don- Yes, he gets an honerable mention here too, he is the baby whisperer!
2. Daddy's Shoulders- Thankful for taking daily rides over 6' up in the air? You betcha!
1. Mommy's Cuddles- Mommy is thankful for this one too!


Anonymous said...

Good job Mommy, you covered it all well you know your boys and for that WE who know you are Thankful.
Love G G Berta