Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I know, I haven't updated in forever, but we've been busy!

Cooper is doing great at school. His eye contact has greatly improved, he pops out with a word every now and then, and he is just generally really happy. I have a meeting there tommorow so I should have more details soon. He recently discovered that Portia is the best toy in our house, Portia is not thrilled by this discovery, but she is dealing. Cooper runs after her, laughing the whole time, then when he catches her he pets her nicely (she still growls at him though). I bought a cute book the other day, Dog Food, it is a board book with pictures of dogs made out of fruits and vegetables. I thought Quinn would like it, but it turns out that Cooper really loves it and he actually wants me to look at it with him. This is great, since he never used to sit and let me look at books with him. Good Job, Cooper.

Quinn is doing good too. I went and visited him at school the other day. I told his teacher how he has been having behavior problems at home, but she said he didn't there. Then she told me how he pulls all the papers off the wall and constantly trys to climb into the toilet. Umm, I guess we have different definitions of behavior problems :) He used two talking buttons to request either "crackers" or "juice" at snack. I also suggested a "Hi" and "Bye" button so they will be starting that too. He did pretty well with the snack requesting. We are at a bit of a standstill developmentally, but he is happy and doing well, so for now we will just be patient.

We went to Philadelphia this weekend to visit with family and discovered two things. 1) Cooper is now coloring with crayons instead of just playing with them! 2) He eats pineapple! I am going to work on eating the pineapple with a spoon...we will see.