Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tonight, after the kids went to bed, we watched The Happening. Yes, it is another scary M. Night Shyamalan, but this one stood out. Why? Because part of it was filmed at my middle school!!! I knew the movie was filmed in Philadelphia, but I didn't realize it was filmed at J.R. Masterman! Of course, in the movie they called the school "Philadelphia High School"...umm yeah, like Philadelphia only has one high school. But anyway, Marky Mark (I mean Mark Walhberg) was a science teacher, teaching class in the science lab. The camera panned to look out the window and that view I recognized, all I ever did in science class was look out the window. I told Matt, that is my middle school! My husband humored me but said "Don't you think that a lot of schools in Philadelphia look like that?" No, they don't that school is very unique and I was sure of it, I was right! Here is a picture of Shymalan, Mark Walhberg, and John Leguizamo standing in front of the school.
How exciting, and by the way, the only reason to watch this movie it kind of sucked. Oh well.