Monday, January 26, 2009

So apparently even though the box said gluten-free, the Rice Dream rice milk I feed my kids everyday on their strict gluten-free diet.....has gluten in it. @#$$#%#%@

Until further notice we are without a milk substitute. Thankfully Quinn is being a trooper and eating his cereal mixed with water.

Cooper had a rough day today and I don't know why, because he can't tell me. When I went to pick him up at school this afternoon he was the only one crying. He has never cried there before, usually all the other kids are crying. But we had a schedule to stick to, we went from there to see the new doctor. He was still very unhappy, but I bribed him with Skittles. I hid the bag in my pocket but everytime he wanted another one he took my hand and put it in my pocket. Oh well, at least we got through the appointment without too much crying.

Then as if that wasn't enough, I was determined to get Cooper's haircut today. I took him to the barber shop up the street from our house for the first time. I had heard they were good with kids there, plus Cooper is always good when he gets his haircut. Well, he was always good when he got his haircut. I think that ship has sailed. He fought harder than even Quinn does and wouldn't stay still at all. I was just going to leave but the nice people at the shop insisted they could do it. The woman cut his hair as fast as possible while the man held his head still. They were very nice and I think it is the best haircut he has ever gotten. He looks so cute! However, in the future I think I will just cut both of their hair at home. So please excuse my kids if they have funky haircuts or completely shaved heads.

Quinn had the day off school today, teacher meetings or something. He is also not going tommorow because they are calling for really bad weather. If the school doesn't close then it is just too complicated getting him off the bus etc. while I am driving Cooper all around. I can't wait for winter to be over!!


datri said...

Wow, that's odd about the Rice Dream. Kayla's not on a strict GFCF diet, tho, since she has only a mild sensitivity to wheat. Hope you find an appropriate substitute and I'd be interested in what you find.