Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cooper is amazing! I knew that he could make most of the letter sounds etc, but tonight he really blew me away. I just bought a CD player for the living room so we can play his favorite song "The Letter Song", since they won't be playing it at his new school as often. So I start the song and he runs over to the pile of letters on the floor and starts grabbing each letter as the lady sings them! Of course, a few of the letters were missing, so he would just pick up the next letter in the alphabet and wait until it came on. He did so well and it was so great watching him do it. Obviously this kid knows his alphabet inside and out! I was so proud of him!

This morning we went in for Cooper's testing for the research project he is part of. He did well, but near the end the tester turned to me and said "I am going to test his apathy skills now" so she proceeded to pretend to hurt herself on the toy and began to "cry". I thought Cooper would totally ignore her but he didn't. He got right up in her face trying to see what was wrong and then he wrapped his little arms around her and hugged her! It was so sweet and so perfect I couldn't believe it. Then she stopped and he realized he had been played, he looked a little pissed off if you ask me. I bet when she does it again in six months (follow up testing) he won't fall for it again :)

Quinn had a good day too. He is doing better with signing for "more". I have discovered that he doesn't nessassarily need hand over hand. He just needs me to touch his hands as a prompt to remind him to use them to make the sign. We have only been working on this seriously for the last two days and he is doing really well. I am pretty sure he remembers how to sign, just doesn't quite remember how to get it out. Oh well, one step at a time (which by the way is what I am always telling him when we are walking up the steps, ironically the kid likes to take them two at a time!).