Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tonight we went to the mall for a family date. We only do this when we are forced to because no grandparents are available for babysitting, but it was actually very nice. We ate dinner at the food court, really the best plan with two young kids. They can cry all they want and noone will hear them! They didn't cry though, they were both very good. We got them McDonalds and Quinn ate the nuggets and Cooper ate the fries. Everything was going great until this family sat down next to us. They had a very cute little girl and Cooper was looking right at her and making his happy sounds. I told Matt how cute that was that Cooper seemed to really like that little girl. Then she moved a little and I realized Cooper wasn't looking at her at all, he was looking at her pizza! He then made it abundantly clear to us that he wanted! No problem, I ran off and got him a slice of pizza and he happily ate it. It was right out of the oven and really hot, but he took lots of little careful bites, it was so cute.

After dinner I took Cooper to get his haircut. We had to wait for a really long time so Matt took Quinn and they walked around the mall. Cooper was really good while we waited. He watched the other kids get their haircuts and played with the toys they had there. He only tried to escape a few times. When it was time for his haircut I gave him one of the lollipops that they had there, but it was a mini tootsie pop and he just didn't identify it as a lollipop. He held onto it but didn't put it in his mouth. Luckily, I had some organic lollipops (like he is used to) with me, so I gave him one of those after he got in the haircutting chair. It was so cute, he popped it in his mouth and then tucked the other pop under his leg. Cooper is really good at getting his haircut so he did great. In the middle of his cut he finished his lollipop, handed the stick to me, and then reached under his leg and got the other one! What a funny kid! Once again the lady couldn't believe that he was only two, yes he is huge :)