Friday, October 24, 2008

Busy Week!

It has been a very busy week here! On top of all the craziness we have all been sick, well everyone but Matt really. Here is what we have been up to:

Me: I am trying to make some kind of income to help pay for Cooper's new school. I spend almost all my free computer time working as a guide for I answer questions for 10 cents a pop, it sounds easier than it actually is. I am only making about $3/hour right now but I am hoping to get "top guide" next week and make $6/hour. Yes, I know it is still less than minimum wage, but I don't have a lot of options. I will try to update this blog more, sorry about that.

Cooper: Cooper started at his new school this week and he loves it!! Even though he was sick at first he was thrilled to be there and have all these girls paying attention to him. He gets so excited every morning when I say "Do you want to go to school?" and when we get there he can't wait to go back to the classrooms. Next week the tough stuff starts so we will see if he still loves it. They really love him there, I have had multiple people tell me Cooper is: delightful, so much fun, adorable...yeah, I make him talk! I appreciate the sentiment but I am not paying you people ridiculous amounts of money to enjoy my sons company! :)

Quinn: Quinn has had a hard time adjusting to Daddy putting him on the bus and Grandma Berta taking him off. I think he actually misses me, those two times of day were serious bonding times for the two of us. I miss it too. The last few days he has been giving the ladies on the bus a hard time when getting down the steps. He has also been refusing to walk for Grandma Berta and she can't carry him. It has been taking about five minutes of pushing and crying to get him in the house. So this morning I had a long talk with him and told him he couldn't do that anymore. I told him that he had to smile at Grandma Berta when he got off the bus and then walk like a good boy into the house. I guess he understood because that is exactly what he did this afternoon, thank god!

Portia: Poor Portia, she hates our new schedule! She has to spend a lot more time in her cage now that I am driving Cooper back and forth to school everyday. I have considered taking her with me, but I am on the fence on that one. Maybe when Cooper starts his actual class, then all I have to do is pull up in front of the school and they come get him out of the car. That will be really nice of snowy cold days!