Monday, August 18, 2008

This morning Cooper did a great job with his teacher! She was getting him to put legos into cups, and each time he did she'd say "wow". After a few times he decided he liked that word a lot and started saying "wow" too! That made all of us very happy. Then tonight out of nowhere he started sorting his bears by color correctly and putting them in their cups! Way to go Cooper!

For lunch today we went to Cici's pizza with the cousins and the grandma. Cooper was in heaven with all you can eat pizza. Quinn was pretty happy about it too! Cooper kept trying to grab food off everyone's plates. I tried to find him some fruit on the salad bar but the closest I could find was grape tomatoes. I gave him some and he must have thought they were actually grapes. He popped one in his mouth and then made the funniest face and spit it out. It's like he's related to me or something! :)

Then while me and Cooper took naps Quinn got to hang out with Cousin Emilia and they had a great time. She is such a good little babysitter!