Friday, August 22, 2008

Grandma Donna, if you read this CALL ME! I need to talk to you about your return trip.

Today was a pretty good day. Cooper's speech teacher came over and was very happy with his progress. He showed her how he can now sort the bears into their cups. She handed him one bear at a time and said the color, he didn't repeat the word, but he looked her right in the eye each time and made a babbling attempt to. Quinn spent the whole time she was here in the kitchen talking to himself. He is such a goof! Before the teacher left he did come in and give her a hug, that was really nice.

Cooper and I took a nice nap today but Quinn didn't. Instead he fell asleep on his bean bag chair while we were watching the Wiggles around 5 PM. He then got woken up and cried for a long time...sigh..

Grandma Jan and Grandpa Don stopped by on their way out of town and Don took Quinn for a walk to calm him down. That made Quinn stop crying, but made Cooper start. What am I going to do with these kids?? Anyway, Grandpa Don dropped off an Abba CD for Quinn (you know the music from Momma Mia). We put it on after dinner and Quinn had a great time dancing, I swear he was doing "the hustle".

Tonight we tried to get Cooper to roll a ball back and forth. This is difficult because it involves Cooper sitting still. He did it a few times but wasn't that into it. However he loved playing "monkey in the middle" with Mommy and Daddy (Mommy knows all about that game because with two older brothers she was always the monkey!). From that he seemed to get the idea of throwing the ball back and forth, and he did that with me a few times and really enjoyed it. So now the next time someone asks me if he will roll a ball back and forth I can say "No, but he can throw it!".