Friday, October 2, 2009

ABA Therapy

Cooper is doing great with his new ABA therapist. She is a tough cookie and doesn't let Cooper get away with anything. He still seems to really like her though. Today was a super long day for him. He had school in the morning, followed by an hour at Loyola Speech, then 2.5 hours of ABA therapy. He started at 9 AM and didn't get a break until almost 5:30 PM! He handled it really well. He said lots of things during ABA, including verbally identifiying all of his colors. There is something so cute about the way he says "pink"! He didn't say much at speech, but I think he was tired and slightly intimidated by the new little girl in his group. We got there ten minutes early and he did an excellent job waiting. He went and played with one of the toys in the waiting room for a little while, then tried to get me to take him back. I told him "No, we have to wait" and he just looked at me and then went back to playing with the toy until his therapist came out. That is a big deal for Cooper!

Tonight I ordered pizza for dinner and made the mistake of telling Cooper that the pizza was on its way. He went and stood at the door crying for half an hour until the pizza guy got there and then was suddenly happy as a clam. I suppose expecting him to wait for pizza was just too much to ask for :)